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PhraseoBase is a database that includes two applications. A first application gives access, thanks to the lexicoscope, to the corpus of contemporary novels created as part of the ANR-DFG PhraseoRom project (https://phraseorom.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr/accueil). The second application gives access to a set of language and stylistic analyses carried out on the data extracted from this corpus.

What is there in PhraseoBase?

Access to the corpus set up as part of the ANR-DFG PhraseoRom project. It is a corpus of contemporary French, English and German novels classified into six subgenres: detective, sentimental, historical, science fiction, fantasy and general literature novels. These corpora have been linguistically enriched: they are lemmatized, labelled morpho-syntactically and syntactically. The lexicoscope's interface allows direct interrogation.

Access via an ergonomic interface to the Recurrent Lexico-syntactic Trees (ALR) specific to contemporary novel subgenres and their associated linguistic analyses: statistical data, lexicals, syntaxes and semantic coding. A second interface provides access to the stylistic motifs specific to contemporary novels and their discursive analysis.

A set of resources to download: spreadsheets containing ALRs and their associated linguistic and stylistic data, guides detailing the proposed semantic and stylistic analyses, list of morpho-syntactic labels associated with corpus tokens, etc.

For researchers

In the field of linguistics as well as stylistics, researchers will find here access to large corpora composed of texts rigorously selected and linguistically enriched, as well as to rich, documented and immediately usable linguistic and stylistic data.

For teachers

The proposed analysed data make it possible to develop didactic paths for access to fiction texts. The semantic classification of ALRs allows, for example, onomasiological access to textual data. In addition, in the stylistic section, the examples have been selected one by one to precisely illustrate the stylistic functions of the textual motifs.

For Student

Students will find in PhraseoBase both corpora (made accessible through the Lexicoscope) and a set of data extracted from these corpora, with several levels of analysis that will provide them with an ideal basis to start analyzing the corpus.

Access to PhraseoRom corpora DE EN FR
Access to PhraseoLing Downloadable resources

Reference to cite

Sascha Diwersy, Laetitia Gonon, Vannina Goossens, Olivier Kraif, Iva Novakova, Julie Sorba & Ilaria Vidotto (2021). La phraséologie du roman contemporain dans les corpus et les applications de la PhraseoBase. Corpus [En ligne], 22 | 2021, URL : http://journals.openedition.org/corpus/6101 ; DOI : https://doi.org/10.4000/corpus.6101